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  1. Permit Coordinator – (PTW) – 50 Nos
  2. Instrument Technician – 60 Nos
  3. DCS/ICS Technician – 50 Nos
  4. Electrical Technician – 60 Nos
  5. Work Pack Technician – 30 Nos
  6. Warehouse Technician – 30 Nos
  7. Turbine Foreman – Highly Skilled – 50 Nos
  8. Turbine Technician – Highly Skilled – 80 Nos
  9. Turbine Technician – Semi Skilled – 100 Nos
  10. Rotating Equipment Technician – 20 Nos 
  • Must have respective ITI / Diploma / Degree with min 10 to 15 years of relevant exp in Major Turnaround of petrochemical / Oil and Gas projects.
  • More than 5 years exp in a similar position. 
  • Must have relevant Certification on respective positions. 

Apply Now – y sdtaqatar@gmail.com call +91 89761 – 53006 


assignment abroad times
assignment abroad times

A Leading Chain of  5 Star Hotel in – SAUDI ARABIA 

  • ENGINEERING SYSTEM TECHNICIAN (BMS, Fire Alarm, Car park Management system) 
  • GENERAL MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN (Kitchen Equipment operating with LPG Gas, Electric welding & Plumbing) 
  • FIRE LIFE SAFETY COORDINATOR (Able to manage the hotel Fire Life Safety and Health and safety to create a safe hotel) 

✓All candidates should have minimum 5 years of experience

✓Candidates should able speak and read English

✓GCC Experience is advantage Interested candidates can send cus on 


assignment abroad times
assignment abroad times



Our clients are looking for experienced and qualified candidates for the following

positions : 

  • HVAC Engineer Planner 
  • HSE Manager 
  • Civil Designer 
  • Site Project Manager 
  • Junior Engineer 
  • Excavator Operator 
  • Manlift Operator 
  • Finishing Carpenter 
  • Civil QC Supervisor 

All the candidates must submit their Updated CV while applying for the Job Online 

assignment abroad times
assignment abroad times


assignment abroad times
assignment abroad times
assignment abroad times
assignment abroad times


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